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[OneShot] Cerita Teman Lama

cerita teman lama cover


Cerita Teman Lama

By Dedestnation



MonstaX’s I.M aka Im Changkyun and OhMyGirl’s Arin

General – Friendship – SchoolLife


Story Is Mine


“ Ada banyak hal yang terjadi,…”

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[1st Walkin’ in The Brain] How Can? (Drabble-Mix)


H o w  C a n ?

Drabble-mix by jihyeonjee98 [6-drabble(s)]

School-life, Creepy!Horror&Psychology | [MX’s] Shin Hoseok (Wonho) & Chae Hyungwon

Rate; PG17 [for 3rd and 5th]

I just own the plot. The cast(s) belong to god and his agency. Don’t do ctrl+c > ctrl+v without my permission.


Keanehan-keanehan terus saja terjadi. Tidak hanya disekolah, orang-orangpun bisa menjadi sangat aneh. Bingung!


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[Vignette] Plester Cinta

Jooheon One the K
Cr Pic ; DeokspatchX 1theK

Plester Cinta

[Fanfiction] A Vignette Storyline By Berly ©2016

Starring : [Monsta X’s] Lee Jooheon and [Twice’s] Im Nayeon.  Another Cast ; [Monsta X’s] Im Changkyun, Lee Minhyuk, and [Twice’s] Zhou Tzuyu.

| Comedy, Romance, Fluff, Friendship, School-life, a little bit Hurt/Comfort | Teen to up | Vignette (1900+ words) |

I Just own the plot! No plagiarism! And Happy Reading!
(Pernah dipost di blog pribadi.)


Jooheon jadi tambah imut dan … lucu?


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