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[Ficlet-Mix] Special Shownu’s Birthday : Surprise!



a Ficlet-Mix by jihyeonjee98 & BERLY

  [MonstaX’s] Shownu/Son Hyunwoo
featuring [MonstaX’s] Im Changkyun & Lee Jooheon.

Genre : Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Comedy, Family, Romance, Horror. | Duration : 4 Ficlet-Mix | Rating : General

We just own our plot, don’t do plagiat, don’t do copycat, don’t do copy paste without our credit and permission!
© 2016


You made my birthday extra special with your presence and wonderful gift, thank you. —Anonymous—

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[Drabble] Ceroboh



A Drabble Storyline By Berly ©2016

Starring : [Monsta X’s] Chae Hyungwon, Chae Ahra (OC).
| Family, Comedy, Romance | General | Drabble (190+ words) |

I Just own the plot! No plagiarism! And Happy Reading!


“Dasar Ahra ceroboh!”


Sebuah tawa sember menguar, menyelusup masuk ke telinga gadis bernama lengkap Chae Ahra. Gadis itu tak habis pikir, Continue reading “[Drabble] Ceroboh”